GoTrax Electric Scooter Not Accelerating-Fix in Minutes

Personally speaking, GoTrax is a wonderful electric scooter. Recently, some users complained that their scooters are not accelerating. It powers up with the lights ON. The motor does not engage or respond.

When you press the accelerator, no power is generated. Resultantly, the vehicle cannot accelerate and work. There are different causes behind this issue. According to me, the most common reason is low power.

However, some other factors also create the problem. This guide will troubleshoot your scooter completely. In the end, it will accelerate and work normally.

Tip#1. Secure the Connections

The main reason can be the loose connections. The wires connecting the battery and the controller may be loose. Check if the controller pins are making full contact.

Examine all the wires. Hold and shake every wire gently. Does it come out? Do you see any broken cables? If yes, replace or repair the cable. Some soldering may be needed. So, contact an expert.

GoTrax Electric Scooter Not Accelerating

Tip#2. Recharge the Battery of Your GoTrax

Low battery power is another reason your GoTrax is not accelerating. In this case, the cut-off voltage kicks in. It is a protective mechanism to avoid overcharging or undercharging.

For example, below 45V, the voltage kicks in. So, charge the battery at least for 15 minutes. Then, try acceleration again.

Tip#3. Reset Your GoTrax

Some wrong settings can also lead to such issues. The parameter or P-Settings on our GoTrax may be improper.

So, read the user manual and adjust settings accordingly. Otherwise, hard reset your scooter to the default factory settings.

  1. Power ON your GoTrax electric scooter.
  2. Press and hold the “Power” button for 5 seconds.
  3. Release the button when the display screen goes black.
  4. Wait for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Press the “Power” button again to turn ON the vehicle.

Tip#4. Use Fastest Speed Mode

Your scooter can work in different speed modes. You may be using the slow speed. Now, try the fastest speed mode. For example, use Sport Mode instead of ECO. Now, apply the throttle. Hopefully, the acceleration will work now.

Tip#5. Push Backward

A GoTrax owner has the same issue but found an effective hack. An acceleration problem can occur when the scooter is switched backward. Maybe it is switched reverse from forward.

So, push the scooter backward and lift the front wheel off the ground. Now, press the accelerator to 5mph. It will start running.

Tip#6. Reverse the Plug

There is a plug near the motor wheel. Reversing it can fix the issue. Here is how to do it;

  1. First of all, turn OFF your scooter and disconnect the power.
  2. Approach the right side front wheel. It is closer to the motor.
  3. Remove the 4 screws to detach the plastic cover.
  4. A 3-wire plug will be exposed. Reverse it and flip it to 180 degrees.
  5. Close the lid and the screws. Then, power ON your GoTrax.
  6. Now, apply the accelerator to see if it works.

Tip#7. Replace the Damaged Throttle

As you know, the throttle is used to accelerate the scooter. If it has gone bad, the vehicle will not start. Your scooter may have a thumb or twist the throttle. It can be damaged due to water or other causes.

Turn ON the scooter and apply the throttle. Do the display and light comes ON? If not, the throttle is damaged. You have to replace it.

It is recommended to contact a professional for replacement because it is a complicated process and involves soldering or wire cutting.

Tip#8. Replace the Battery

A weak or dead battery is another cause of your GoTrax not accelerating. Although it turns ON yet fails to work normally. Check the battery power with a Multimeter.

Replace the battery if it is dead. You should contact GoTrax if the vehicle has not exceeded the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About GoTrax Electric Scooter

For further information and assistance, read the following common questions.

Can I remove the speed limiter on my GoTrax scooter?

You cannot remove the speed limiter on GoTrax. Because the hardware is not powerful enough. So, the scooter cannot run too fast. No custom firmware or cutting the limiting wire can reduce the speed.

What to do if my electric scooter is running slow?

As you know, electric scooters are battery-powered. A low battery can cause a slow speed. Hence, recharge the battery fully and properly. If this does not work, replace the weak battery. A faulty motor can also cause a slow speed issue.

Can I overload my electric scooter?

The weight limit for most electric scooters is 220 lbs. However, overloading can lead to issues. Because wheels have to work harder. The battery will drain faster and vehicle run time will be less. In serious cases, the scooter can collapse.

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Closing Remarks

There are multiple solutions to fix your GoTrax Electric scooter if it is not accelerating. The problem will vanish if you apply all tricks correctly. Keep following us for more information and updates.

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