9 Hacks to Make Ninebot Scooter Faster

Ninebot is one of the best-performing electric scooters. But, some users want to make it faster. I have found some very clever hacks to make the vehicle faster.

But, remember that these scooters come with a speed limiter. It is for safety reasons to avoid any accident. The fastest speed can harm your kids.

So, it is not recommended to drive at the fastest speed unless you can apply safety measures However, follow this guide to fulfill your wish.

Various Ways to Hack the Speed of Ninebot Scooter

There are multiple ways to hack the speed. You can increase the speed and make the scooter faster. Here are some methods;

  • Remove the speed limiter by chipping the controller board. A special device is used to reprogram the board.
  • Purchase an aftermarket controller without the speed limiter. The controller needs to be installed on your scooter.
  • The first two methods void the warranty of your vehicle. Because you have to open up the scooter for installing the controller or chipping the board.
  • Another way is to change the gearing ratio. It also needs some hardware changes.
  • A hardware upgrade is another expensive method to elevate the speed. You need to change the battery or the motor. Install a powerful battery and motor.
  • Inflate the tyres fully. Low air pressure decreases the speed. Also, clean the tyres and remove any debris.

Make Ninebot Scooter Faster

Method#1. Change Speed Settings

There is another method to speed up the scooter. Double-click the power button on your vehicle. It offers 3-speed settings. Red ‘S’ refers to the fastest speed and white S selects the middle speed.

Some Ninebot scooters may require an external battery to handle max speed. Because it requires more power. Hence, you can add a second battery.

Method#2. Increase Speed via Ninebot App

Ninebot is an app that works with the scooter. Its speed can be increased via the app. Here is the process;

  1. Turn ON Bluetooth on your scooter and phone. Connect the vehicle with your smartphone.
  2. Download the Ninebot app on your smartphone. Launch the app and complete the setup process.
  3. Click the gear icon on the top right corner. Next, choose “Speed Settings”.
  4. Drag the slider to the end for maximum speed.

Method#3. Use Third-Party Apps

A third-party app “Electric Scooter Hack” can also be used to increase the speed. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

  1. Download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Connect your phone to the scooter via Bluetooth.
  3. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Click the “Boost” button to increase the speed.

Method#4. Keep the Battery Fully Charged

As you know, the battery supplies power. High power means high speed. When the battery charge is depleting, the vehicle goes into power save mode. It decreases the speed. Hence, charge the battery to 100%.

Follow the accurate charging instructions. Give the vehicle the required time to store energy. Moreover, use the original charging accessories provided with the scooter.

Method#5. Remove Add-Ons

Slow speed is also caused by add-ons and extra functions. Turn OFF the extra lights on your scooter. Heated seats or gloves also take power from the battery. Likewise, some people add lamps or decorative lights.

All these add-ons drain batteries. Hence, the speed of your scooter is decreased. Remove all add-ons to reach the maximum speed. Another recommendation is to reduce the load on your vehicle.

Method#6. Remove the Speed Limiter

Another method is to remove the speed limiter or governor. The speed will no longer be limited. However, this method has associated risks.

The warranty will be expired. Moreover, the highest speed can cause injuries and accidents. So, think well before doing this.

  1. Read the user manual of your Ninebot to locate the limiter. Mostly, it is located under the deck, near the motor, or battery.
  2. It can be an ON/OFF or removable switch. Simply turn OFF the switch. If no option is available, remove it completely.
  3. Two wires are attached to the governor. Cut these wires and bind them together. Then wrap their ends with electrical tape.
  4. Now, the scooter will bypass the speed limit and can run at its full potential.

Method#7. Change the Gearing Ratio

It is another clever hack to reach the maximum speed. Swap the sprocket on the rear wheel. This will increase the acceleration and then the speed. Here is how to do it;

  1. Locate the motor of your vehicle. Generally, it is located under the deck.
  2. Now, find the smaller sprocket that is directly attached to the motor.
  3. Now, take a bigger sprocket. Remove the smaller one and fix the bigger one in its place.
  4. This way, you swap the sprockets on the shaft.

Method#8. Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading the hardware is also an effective way to enhance speed. Install a powerful battery. The vehicle can handle high speed on a single charge. Another way is to add a second battery to power up the vehicle.

Likewise, you can change the motor. Install a powerful motor for more power. Check the air pressure in the tyres. The speed will be slow if tyres are underinflated.

Method#9. Rewind the motor

Rewinding is a common thing for electronics. It refers to the modification of the wire. It includes installing powerful copper wires.

Other methods include changing the density of the wire, magnets in the motor, number of twists, or the size of the armature. This is an expensive solution. Moreover, an expert technician should do this.

What are the Drawbacks of the Fastest Speed?

Running the scooter at the highest speed has some drawbacks. You should do these before applying the function.

  • Speed and range are inversely proportional. The range will be decreased by increasing the speed.
  • More power is required for high speed. Hence, the battery drains faster.
  • Hardware parts have to work harder. Therefore, their efficiency is decreased. It affects the overall lifespan of your Ninebot.
  • The hardware add-ons, removal or any part, and third-party apps void the warranty. Hence, you cannot claim to the company if anything bad happens.
  • I advise you to think well and be responsible. Drive carefully and do not increase speed for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ninebot Scooters

Here are some important and frequently asked questions. Go through them for more information.

What is the maximum practical speed of electric scooters?

Most electric scooters have 20-30 mph speeds. However, some can go up to 50 mph. This depends on the battery power, wheel size, motor, and weight limit. The type of ground also affects the speed. Speed is higher on flat ground as compared to uphill or rough terrain.

How much faster can I make my electric scooter?

Various methods can increase the top speed between 3-9 mph per 5 to 15 km/h. In some cases, the speed can go 15 to 25 km/h.

What is the ideal speed for electric scooters?

A 1000 watts scooter is very powerful. A scooter with 200-600 watts of power have can run 19-45km/hr. You can get 100km/hr with a 5000 watts scooter. A maximum of 20 miles per hour speed is considered ideal.

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Closing Remarks

So, there are multiple ways to make your Ninebot scooter faster. Basic methods include adjusting the speed settings, charging the battery to 100%, and removing add-ons. While there are many advanced methods for further upgrades. You can add a second battery, install a powerful battery, or rewind the motor.

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