9 Tested Ways to Fix SwagTron Scooter Not Charging or Turning ON

Do not worry if your SwagTron scooter is not charging or turning ON. Because this issue is very common among electric scooters. Almost all users face it sooner or later.

One of my cousins has recently bought a SwagTron. After a couple of months, the vehicle stopped charging. It is obvious that the scooter will not turn ON if it has no power.

So, both issues go side by side. However, we have devised some best solutions. In this guide, I will tell you the promising ways to fix this problem.

Tip#1. Charge Your SwagTron Fully

The battery of your scooter is drained out. It may have left no juice. Therefore, it is not turning ON. Hence, you have to give some extra time. Plug the scooter into the wall power outlet. Let it charge for 2-3 hours.

Does the red light turn into green? If not, do not worry. Leave the vehicle plugged in for 12-24 hours. It will get and store the power slowly.

SwagTron Scooter Not Charging or Turning ON

Tip#2. Follow the Correct Charging Method

The improper connection also causes charging issues. Make sure the charger is connected properly.

  1. First, plug the charger into the wall power outlet. The green indicator should light on the adapter.
  2. Now, connect the charging pin to your scooter.
  3. There is a power button on the side of the power box. This button should be in the OFF position when you connect the charger.
  4. Once the vehicle is fully charged, turn it ON.

Tip#3. Reset Your SwagTron

This is a very effective trick. A reset can fix your scooter issues. Here is how to reset SwagTron;

  1. Turn OFF your scooter completely. Unplug it from the power source.
  2. Now, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button when the vehicle comes ON and you hear a beep sound.
  4. The LED indicators on the front will start flashing.
  5. Press the power button once to turn OFF the vehicle.
  6. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn it ON again.
  7. Repeat the reset steps if the first attempt does not help.

Tip#4. Adjust Settings

It can be wrong settings that cause malfunctioning. SwagTron is supported by a mobile app. It can work both on Android and Apple devices. Adjust some settings in the app;

  1. Download the SwagTron app on your mobile device.
  2. Launch the app and complete the setup process.
  3. Connect your phone to the scooter via Bluetooth.
  4. Navigate to the “Cruise Control” settings. Disable the cruise control.
  5. Wait a few seconds and then enable the settings again.

Tip#5. Change the Charger

The charging adapter/brick or the cable may be defective. Hence, the scooter is not receiving power. Check the cable along its entire length. Sometimes, kids or pets chew it. Look for any damaged or exposed areas.

Cover the minor cuts with electrical tape. However, replace the cable if it is too damaged. Similarly, examine the adapter and connector. Try another cable and adapter to charge your SwagTron.

Tip#6. Maintain Charging Conditions

Environmental conditions are likely to affect the charging process. The weather conditions are too harsh. Either it is too cold or too hot. That’s why the vehicle cannot get power.

The temperature should be between 0-40 degrees. Below the freezing point, it will not charge. Likewise, above 40 degrees, the weather is too hot.

Shift the scooter to a normal temperature range. Leave it for 30 minutes and then charge. Avoid keeping it outdoors such as in the direct sun.

Tip#7. Repair Disconnected Wires

The connection wires may be loose. Examine the battery of your SwagTron. Check all the cables attached to the battery and the main board. Grab each cable and wiggle it gently.

Slightly pull each cable to check if it is loose. Some cables may come out or detach. So, reconnect or solder the loose cables. Otherwise, the power supply will cut off.

Tip#8. Check the Battery

A faulty battery is the last possibility. Have you tried all the above-mentioned solutions? If yes, the battery has gone dead. In most cases, the vehicle turns ON after an extended charging.

In my cousin’s case, SwagTron started working after a 12 hours charge. However, if your scooter still fails to charge or turn ON, check the battery. Remove the cover of the battery compartment.

Reach the main board and check its lights. Observe the light on the opposite side of the battery. The light may blink repeatedly six or more times.

Contact SwagTron customer support for a replacement. Otherwise, purchase a new battery from Amazon or a nearby store. Take help from a technician for replacing the hardware components.

Tip#9. Fix the Brake

Turn ON your scooter by pressing the power button. What do the displays show? Does it show any error code or low battery? Sometimes, the battery is fully charged. But, the error looks like an empty battery.

Actually, it is some hardware issue. For example, the brake is loose. When you press the brake handle, it does not work properly. So, take a pair of pliers. Put a piece of foam or thick cloth on the brake.

Now, keep the brake between the pliers and tighten it. Exert a little pressure or you may damage it. This will fix the turning ON issue.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SwagTron Scooter

Here are some of the common questions asked by many users. Read these FAQs for further information.

How do I confirm my SwagTron scooter is charging?

You can confirm it by observing the light indicator. During charging, the LED indicator is red. When it is fully charged, the light turns green. Moreover, the light indicator on the adapter also glows green.

How long does the SwagTron scooter last on a single charge?

The scooter can run up to 11 miles on a single charge. However, it also depends on other factors such as road quality, rider’s weight, and incline. The battery takes almost 3.5 hours to charge fully.

How to connect my SwagTron scooter to the mobile app?

First of all, turn ON Bluetooth on your smartphone. Then, enable Bluetooth on the scooter. Now, click “Add a new device” on your phone. Search your scooter. The list will show “SwagTron” with the model number. Select and connect to it. Choose “SwagTron Music” to play songs.

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Closing Remarks

So, it is a complete troubleshooting guide. Hopefully, now your SwagTron scooter is charging or turning ON. Follow each fix correctly. You can ask for further help in the comment section.

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