Gotrax Scooter Won’t Go or Move-Instant Troubleshooting

Electric scooters are very popular among kids. For adults, they are a convenient way to travel short distances. But, it is a grievance if your GoTrax scooter won’t go.

Although it powers ON yet cannot move. You are not the only one who is facing this problem. A lot of users including me have encountered this dispute.

So, what should you do in such a situation? Let me tell you through this guide. I am presenting a complete troubleshooting guide to fix your stubborn scooter.

Fix#1. Charge Your GoTrax Scooter

The scooter won’t go if the battery has low power. Check the battery status. Connect the vehicle to the power source. Make sure the battery is charging properly by observing its indicators.

Also, check that the power supply is working. Let your scooter charge fully, it takes 4 hours. Then, go for a ride.

Gotrax Scooter Won’t Go or Move

Fix#2. Secure All Connections

The most probable reason is a fault in the connections. The wires joining different parts may be loose or burnt. Check the connections emerging from the battery, motor, and other parts.

The wires can melt due to overheating and extreme weather. Remove the footplate to expose the internal wiring harness.

Gently pull and push each wire to confirm that it is connected wires firmly. Replace the broken, burnt, exposed, or melted cables.

Fix#3. Jumpstart Your GoTrax

Try a kick or jump start to move on the vehicle. Here is how to do it;

  1. Turn ON your scooter. Place one foot on the scooter. Push it forward at a normal walking speed.
  2. Now, press down the throttle. This will engage the motor.
  3. Avoid pressing the throttle while pushing off. Otherwise, the motor will not engage.
  4. Try to start at a low speed. Some models cannot handle high speed in the beginning.

Fix#4. Repair the Tyre

A flat or underinflated tyre is another cause. Most e-scooters use air-filled tires. The air pressure is decreased due to puncture. Apply a sealant to close the puncture temporarily.

In case of a bigger puncture, the tyre should be replaced. A too-flat tyre is clearly visible. However, tyre pressure gauge is used to check the actual status.

Fix#5. Close the Break Switch

An open brake switch also causes this issue. The scooter will not go but turns ON. It may be located under the deck or beside the brake lever. The location depends on the model.

When the switch is open, the motor is disabled. Hence, the vehicle will not move. Take a paper clip and insert it into the two holes on the controller.

This will reconnect the brake internally. The brake switch is defective if the scooter goes after disconnecting it. Hence, you have to replace it immediately.

Fix#6. Fix the Throttle

GoTrax scooters mostly have a grip and twist throttle. Some may have a thumb throttle. The vehicle will not go if the throttle is faulty. Sometimes, it enters the dead zone.

Hence, it does not respond to any commands. The solution is to replace it. Contact GoTrax to get a compatible replacement. Otherwise, you can buy from a nearby store. But, be sure to get the compatible part.

Fix#7. Replace the Blown Fuses

An electric scooter has two or more fuses. They are connected to the ignition. The scooter will not go if the fuse is blown.

Switch OFF your GoTrax and restart it after some seconds. If this does not help, replace the fuse. It is recommended to take help from a technician.

Fix#8. Test the Battery Health

A serious reason can be a dying battery. It is weak or expired. Therefore, the battery cannot hold a charge or store power. Here is an easy way to test the battery health;

Connect the charger with your scooter and the power source.

  1. Lift the rear wheel off the ground. Now, turn ON your vehicle and push the throttle all the way.
  2. Does the rear wheel spin? If yes, the battery is faulty. Because your GoTrax is working only on connecting the power. It means the battery can transfer but is unable to store power.
  3. Cross-check its voltage with a multimeter. After confirmation, replace the battery.

FAQs Related to GoTrax Electric Scooter

Do you have further queries? Read the following section. I have included the answers to all of your possible questions.

How do I lock my GoTrax scooter?

Some models of GoTrax electric scooters are equipped with a lock system. It is an integrated tiller lock. You can apply a manual security code. Moreover, a strong metal cable lock provides further security. GoTrax G Pro, GMAX, G3, and G4 come with an integrated locking system.

How to turn ON/OFF my GoTrax electric scooter?

Press and hold the red power button for 1 second. The vehicle will turn ON. Hold down the Power button for 5 seconds. It will turn OFF your scooter.

How long do electric scooters live?

Generally, personal electric scooters have a 3-year lifespan. You can run them even more with proper maintenance. While ride-share scooters have a shorter lifespan of 9-18 months. However, usage and maintenance habits can increase the lifespan.

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Closing Remarks

So, this guide has made your GoTrax scooter go. Usually, low energy, flat tyre, blown fuse, disconnected wires, or brake switch are responsible for the problem. Other reasons include defective throttle or expired batteries. Hence, you have to check and troubleshoot all these parts.

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